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FOR THIS YEAR 2011 said, the IYF (International Year of Forest), a poem and theatre have been edited by APEDJ/AFEYD for forest of our planet. 
To you the forest 
You who cry at every moment for your trees 
Often so slaughtered; 
I request you to have hope, 
Because we are currently bringing the joy 
in your house; 
Yes, that joy is realized through our actions 
And those actions are: 
Reforestation, preservation, protection 
and conservation; 
Because without forest, all wildlife, 
human and the rest of biodiversity will 
Therefore, the AFEYD said: "Forests Health 
is equal to biodiversity health, 
Forests degradation is equal to biodiversity 
STEP1: Choosing the persons who can represent trees, they must be in line and choosing some persons like cutters of trees. After, the cutters cut trees by the hand gestures. Once, the trees are cut, doing the environmental education (step2) 
STEP2: Environmental education 
- Hey!!! But where are gone the trees of that forest? 
Title: Biodiversity 
To you, biodiversity  
You, the variety of living species on this earth!  
Your biological resources are many values as ecological, economic and social;  
This variety of plants, animals, aquatic species and human makes you so beautiful!  
But now your beauty is become a center of illegal human activities by:  
-Loss of habitat  
-The illegal use of plants.  
Saving biodiversity by:  
-Planting trees  
-Conducting activities of education, protection and conservation of biodiversity  
Because biodiversity is life, biodiversity is our life. 
by: Roll Matifath Bouesso (President Coordinator)  
See,how the climate change is causing 
Because of torrential rains 
The sun very damning 
does cause droughts,collapse of ice 
increased risk of freshness to be frozen and die 
of cold 
Hey you,climate change! 
Where are you from?  
Why are you threatened our lives? 
Oh,dear young people! 
I come because you annoy me 
I was sleeping and you woke up me 
Your greenhouse gas is causing the destruction of ozone layer 
I have not supported them 
Therefore,my reactions do cause damage and misery in you 
Ah,climate change! 
Can not you reduce your reactions? 
We beseech you ,we young people 
Hear and listen to us ,please! 
Yes,i can dear young people 
But think about me and i will think about you 
Ideas and written by: Roll Matifath BOUESSO from AFEYD( Brazzaville CONGO) 
Title: The Persecution of trees 
See,the persecution of trees! 
from what we blame you?  
you who recklessly destroyed? 
Instead of making it wisely and order 
Thank our trees for: 
-sheets of papers 
-the wooden chair on which you are sitting 
Oh,take a look at the wooden ceiling above you 
Yes,the wooden door of your house 
At the table in your dining room  
So,don't forget dear young people 
Our trees protect and stabilize the earth 
Ideas and written by: Roll Matifath BOUESSO from AFEYD(Brazzaville,CONGO) 
Title: Pollution 
See,how water and air pollution is causing 
Infections and diseases 
Because of waste, poisons,toxic chemicals, 
Heavy metals and radiation 
Forgetting that water is life  
And air our breathing source 
Ideas and written by: Roll Matifath BOUESSO from AFEYD (Brazzaville,CONGO) 
Title: The disappearance of species 
See,the beauty of our continents 
By the abundance and species diversity 
Ah,their disappearance surprise us 
We,young people from Africa,Europa,Asia,America and Oceania 
-The illegal hunting of animals for food and trade 
-no harvest care of plants for medicinal use and trade 
The fauna and flora are often victims of greedy hands and avid 
Ideas and written by: Roll Matifath BOUESSO from AFEYD (Brazzaville,CONGO) 
Tilte: The environment needs you 
To thee,o inhabitant of the earth! 
Nature needs you 
The environment is crying face numerous threats it encounters 
Its support and comfort 
It's you,it's me 
Try to free the environment from all those threats 
in planting a tree 
in cleaning up the residential places 
in stopping to burn plastics 
in stopping to waste water and energy 
in order to avoid overconsumption 
I know you can do it if you take only the commitment 
Thus,where there is a will there is a way! 
Ideas and written by: Roll Matiafth BOUESSO from AFEYD(Brazzaville,CONGO) 
Title: Happy Days 
Bring back happy days in our continents 
Let's protect and preserve what we have 
Clean up our lands 
Plant trees 
Conduct campaigns for a healthy environment and sustainable development 
Transform our places in paradise 
And thank GOD for everything He gave us 
Ideas and written by: Roll Matifath BOUESSO from AFEYD( Brazzaville,CONGO) 
For every young person: a healthy and sustainable environment 
NOTE: To reuse these poems during the activities or reproduction on books,ask the permission of the publishers because they are a property of the Association For Environment and Youth Development(AFEYD) 
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