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This photos have been taken about the HIV/AIDS activity of the AFEYD:Teachings about HIV/AIDS 
-all man is well is a patient who is unaware. 
-The lack of knowledge is a risk that any man should avoid. 
The world today is affected by HIV/AIDS, youth is the target of this epidemic because it is the future of tomorrow. In 2008, 80 million people were worldwide infected including 25 million young people and 15 million were dead. In some African countries more than one in three young (1/3) is contaminated by HIV and in CONGO Brazzaville 60 percent of young people are met and eventually show the symptoms of AIDS and die well that adequate treatment can slow the progression of the disease. The WHO(World Health Organization) and another NGOs which are struggling about HIV/AIDS and youth including AFEYD (Association For Environment and Youth Development ) which joins to them to give you some clear guidance and how to themselves protect against this deadly epidemic. In understanding and respecting the principles of HIV/AIDS, you and your young family can face the challenges of the epidemic with more strength and hope. 
1/-The parents should teach their children: they have the sacred duty to rear their children in love,righteousness and support their needs because financial issues can bring the family (wife and children) to exchange sex intercourses against small gifts and few sum of money because hungry.In teaching the principles of HIV/AIDS,parents can protect the family of this epidemic. 
2/-The sex education in families is a strong method of protecting children against HIV/AIDS:Parents must provide sex education to children,they can answer to questions related to sex to avoid the wall between children,which no longer allow children to pursue what they learn in streets.Sex education in family helps to arm children against street education that encourages early sexual intercourse.It is important that couples must seek advices about how to conduct sex education according the age of children. 
3/-IT is important to help others: as the good Samaritan,we must reach out to people in need including those affected by HIV/AIDS. 
1/-What is HIV ?:HIV(Human Immunodeficiency Virus) 
is a virus that causes AIDS.It destroys the cells that prevent getting sick.It makes the body unable to fight off germs. 
2/-What is AIDS ?:AIDS is Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome.It occurs when HIV destroy the system that prevents the body from falling ill,the body becomes less able to fight infections.People with AIDS usually lose weight,have fever and fell sick. As their bodies can not fight virus and bacteria,they easily catch other diseases such as measles,pneumonia,tuberculosis...  
3/-Is there a cure for HIV/AIDS ?: Not yet,but proper treatment can slow the progression of the disease and help those who are infected to live longer after having a treatment. 
4/-How can be infected by HIV ?: 
a-You can get HIV in having unprotected sex with an infected person.By this way HIV is transmitted.This mode of transmission is 75 per cent HIV worldwide infections. 
b-Babies can get HIV through breastfeeding or in coming into contact with the blood of their mothers at birth. 
c/-People can get HIV by the contaminated-mixed blood or in using some needles to take drugs,vests blades,needles reused in medical places,toothbrushes which are not disinfected.  
5/-How can i avoid getting HIV ? 
.Do not have unprotected sex intercourse  
.Do not use the same sharps 
.Only accept donations of blood or blood products which have been analyzed. 
6/-The face of AIDS 
AIDS has no face.Anyone can be carrying of HIV without distinction of age,sex,religion,race social status.But the distinction can be made when the one who are infected shows some signs of HIV.The HIV-infected person is the one who shows the signs of disease. 
"Yourself or your partner can be infected without knowing it.Many men and women have married people with HIV". 
"It is important to control the HIV status or knowing the reality of AIDS testing. The screening is free,anonymous and confidential. 
7/-How evolving HIV? 
HIV evolves in three (3) steps: 
.The step of seroconversion (from 0 to 3 months) after infection.The virus hides but acts.The screening test is negative.The subject is not ill but transmits the virus. 
.HIV step (from 3 moths to 10 years):the test is positive.The subject is ill and did not have this evidence but he/she has got HIV and transmits the virus. 
.AIDS step/disease: all organs are affected and show signs such as diarrhea,tuberculosis,pneumonia 
,paralysis,meningitis,shingles,thrush...The subject is completely immune failing: the subject is ill and develops opportunistic infections. 
8/-Misconceptions about transmission of HIV/AIDS 
HIV is not transmitted by: 
-the usual contact at work,school,church or home... 
-the handful of hands,hugs,conversations or kisses 
-taking care of people with HIV or AIDS 
-mosquitoes,other insects or animals 
-water to drink,for bathing or swimming 
-plates,kitchen ustensils 
-toilet seats,contact with urine,feces,nasal secretions,salivia,sweat,tears or vomiting unless that contains blood 
-handling of food(always wash hands before preparing food). 
9/-What precautions should I take twhen i take care of people with AIDS?: The blood of any infected person transmits HIV if we take care of someone with AIDS.Wash hands frequently,avoid dirty needles,use common sense,avoid touching anything that has to be spots of blood contaning blood. 
10/-How do I know if have HIV?:The only way to know it, do the HIV test in a clinic or hospital.We must take care to go to a screening center known and trusted to know the results analyzed and advice on HIV/AIDS 
11/-What are cultural practices that promote HIV transmission?: People who have unprotected sex intercourse with multiple partners are a particular risk of being infected and spreading the disease.However,if people only had sex intercourse with alone faithful partner,HIV could be eradicated in some countries.Traditions like circonsion,the priest are used by dirty intruments that can transmit HIV in healthy peolpe.It is importnat to check self before and after marriage. 
12/-When can I do HIV test?:We must do it when you have had unprotected sex intercourse and when your conscience calls you to do it for your property. 
13/-Why to do the test as soon as possible?: 
-to receive care at time 
-if a pregnant woman to protect her child and husband 
-to know his/her HIV status. 
14/-Why doing the screening of HIV/AIDS if the disease can not be cured?: 
*If the screening test of HIV is positive,you may be able to undergo treatment that will help you to live longer and healthier if you do not follow. 
*You can transmit the disease before symptoms.If the blood test reveals that you are contaminated, 
you can avoid transmitting the disease. 
*you can avoid recontanimation with another type of virus because there are several types of virus,enven if you are already infected by HIV type,you can be infected by another type. 
*You can be treated quickly for illnesses you have get more easily due to HIV. 
*You can arrange to have a healthy life as long as possible by avoiding stress,having a healthy diet and having the necessary medical care. 
*You can prepare your family and children when you are gone. 
*You can organize your remaining timewisely and living positively. 
15/-If my partner has HIV or sexual conduct at high-risk,how can I protect myself?: the only way to avoid infection with HIV is :abstaining from sex with such a spouse.Talk with your doctor or go to the test center and support for HIV/AIDS for knowing how to protect. You and your spouse can get tested for HIV if one of you is tested positive,you can find and use appropriate treatment can slow the progression of disease. 
16/-What a mother who is infected by HIV can do to protect from infection her unborn child?: A pregnant woman can take appropriate medications and she can give her baby when he/she born to reduce the risk of transmission of the virus to the baby.A pregnant woman with HIV should inform the testing center and for receiving the help if she can get drugs in her community. 
17/-Why is it important I talk to my family about HIV/AIDS?: there is no one can protect yourself and your family except you.HIV is almost always transmitted by sexual contact. Nothing can be more influential than family to help members make good choices regarding morality. Parents can protect their children from HIV/AIDS in communicating openly with them, teaching them to live chaste and faithful. 
18/-How to know to protect myself and my family better about HIV/AIDS?: You can better know how to protect yourself and family better in going to a screening center,treatment and assistance to see a doctor. Counselors testing center can answer to your questions and provide documentation on HIV/AIDS. Some educational programs on radio and television can also teach you in the way to protect yourself and your family from HIV. 
19/- Who is the responsible of contamination?: patients who were not screened, the diagnosed patients who did not receive the proper treatment and appropriate counseling, people with signs of STI (Sexually Transmissible Infections) but don’t have means to consult a doctor, test center and to take care of themselves, people “asymptomatic” in which the virus evolves without signs, those who live in ignorance. 
20/-What are the treatments?: the treatment with antiretroviral drugs: They act against HIV and slow down considerably the development of infection to the stage of disease. They are therefore affective. But they do not eliminate the virus that transmits the patient still not in case of unprotected sex. Treatment of opportunistic infections effective drugs exist to treat diseases that develop in a person with AIDS. 
*** Note: For others questions ask to a doctor*** 
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