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Some steps to go towards a health and sustainable environment in your community: 
-To prohibit smoking in public places 
-Eliminating waste to help the community to live in a healthy environment 
-To plant trees and clean streams 
-Planting trees that protect from the sun 
-The stagnant water promotes the spread of malaria and other infectious diseases 
-Children which are playing in dirty and polluted waters can contract diseases 
-To teach to the children and young people to create a healthy and sustainable environment 
-Dirt and soil polluted hardor germs that transmit diseases 
-The water carried through lead pipes and paint and dust contianing lead can harm the health and intellectual development of youth 
-Keep your child away from smoke when cooking and do not smoke in the presence of children or young people 
-A constant loud noise prevents children or young people to focus 
-A highly-polluted air inside and near schools causes respiratory problem to the children or young people 
-To teach to the children and young people to clean the earth 
-To teach to the children and young people to plant trees. 
For every young person: a healthy and sustainable environment


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