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The Association projects are several.We want to: 
-participe to the fight against the environmental degradation and unemployment of youths in creating : a recycle center of products. 
Brazzaville is surrounded of plastics,which are thrown on the ground.That project will allow us to reduce them. 
- To open a library on the environment and youth development.That library will be a place where people can know the importance of the environment in our life in reading books,looking at pictures upon the environment,receiving pamphlets concerning environment field...Because everything we are inflicting upon the environment we are inflicting upon ourselves. 
So,if people don't know how to live in a healthy and sustainable environment they can not defend the cause of environment. 
-To organize seminars,discussions on e,vironment and meetings between youths.Activities like:sport, 
dance,games and others healthy entertainments. 
- Open boreholes for drinking water because 
in some neighborhoods lack safe drinking water. 
- Planting 100 trees at least every 6 months to 
preserve nature and prevent erosion 
-Creation of a center for young people in difficult situation who might be in street and failling to life in crime,theft,drugs,fights... 
Note: The association is looking for partners or sponsors to execute this project.And in this project there are: 
-A program of school education: giving to every young people a normal school for knowing how to read,write and count. 
-A health program:ensuring the health of young people. 
-A program of sport and culture for the best entertainment among young people. 
-A peer support program: proving clothes,food... 
-A training program for qualifying employment:carpentry,plumbling,metalworking... 
The association framers are available and volunteers to work in this project.Our goal is:providing an opportunity to the young people in order to free themselves from the yoke of poverty. 
For every young person:a healthy and sustainable environment 


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